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5 Ways to Overcome a Child’s Dental Fear
added on: October 31, 2017
little girl scared in dental chair

There are many things at a dental office that may be scary for your child. Between the bright lights, the gloved hands, the masked face, not to mention someone he may not know well poking around his mouth, it’s understandable. But what can you do to help him overcome his… Read More…

Top 7 Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats
added on: October 10, 2017
kids in halloween costumes

October isn’t only when we celebrate Halloween, it’s also National Orthodontic Month. With this in mind, the team at our pediatric dental office in Long Island thought it’d be a great time to combine the two and talk a bit about which Halloween treats are safe for those with braces…. Read More…

10 Fun Facts About the Tooth Fairy
added on: August 22, 2017
Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

Every year, the Tooth Fairy gets a day dedicated all to herself. In fact, she’s so great at her job, she gets two days of celebration, once on August 22 and once on February 28. At our pediatric dental office in Long Island, the legend of the Tooth Fairy is… Read More…

Difference Between Kids Toothpaste and Adult Toothpaste
added on: July 13, 2017
woman and little girl brushing teeth in mirror

When it comes to choosing the right toothpaste, the number of options can be intimidating. There are various flavors, different formulas for different needs, and even some labeled specifically for kids. But is there really a difference between kids toothpaste and adult toothpaste besides the fun colors and characters on… Read More…

All About Children’s Dental X-Rays
added on: May 15, 2017
little girl and dentist looking at x-ray

We get asked a lot of questions at our pediatric dental office in Long Island, and we don’t mind answering them one bit! We believe that the more our patients’ parents know, the healthier their children’s smiles will be. One thing we hear quite often is wanting to know more… Read More…

What’s a Frenectomy and Does Your Child Need One?
added on: April 27, 2017
woman asking why

There are times when the team at our pediatric dental office in Long Island may recommend a frenectomy for a patient. But we understand that many patients’ parents aren’t exactly sure what a frenectomy is and why one may be needed. So we decided that we should cover the basics… Read More…

Top 4 Worst Easter Candies For Kids’ Smiles
added on: April 7, 2017
kids eating candy

This time of the year, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the pastel packages of chocolate bunnies, gooey marshmallow chicks, and sugary sweet treats of all kinds. At our pediatric dental office in Long Island, we know how difficult it can be to limit your child’s intake of candy, especially during… Read More…

How Important Is Dairy For Kids’ Smiles?
added on: June 13, 2016
two kids drinking milk

We know dairy is a necessary part everyone’s diet, and we know it can even help ward off osteoporosis in older adults. But what about in kids? Dairy, and especially its calcium content, helps children build strong bones and yes, strong teeth. At our pediatric dental office in Long Island,… Read More…

“Does My Child Really Need to Floss?”
added on: May 10, 2016
little girl and boy flossing teeth together

Flossing may seem like a tedious, boring, and difficult task, especially for kids. But if they don’t floss, about 35% of each tooth is left uncleaned, leaving them more susceptible to decay and cavities. At our Long Island pediatric dental office, we know getting your child to follow good oral… Read More…

Top Tooth Tips for Toddlers
added on: April 22, 2016
toddlers on floor playing with toys

You can usually expect to see your child’s first tooth around six months old, and as soon as it pops through, it’s at risk for decay. The older your child gets, the more teeth you’ll see, and the greater chance there is for cavities. At our Long Island pediatric dental… Read More…

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