For New Patients

Long Island Dentistry Designed for You

Is your family new to our office? Then welcome! We are so glad you have chosen our practice!

In the following pages you will find helpful information about what to expect at your first visit, what our office policies are, how we deal with payment and what we do to keep your child comfortable and entertained. You can take a tour of our office, download your patient history forms and have your questions answered on our FAQ page. And if you have a special needs child, we have a page full of information just for you!

The Guerriero Family“Everything here is immaculate, and everyone is so fun and friendly. All of it makes me feel at ease about putting my child in their care. I am never worried at all. It is important for me to be at their sides during dental treatment, so that the doctors can explain everything to me in detail. I was nervous, because Richie had cavities and a lot of them– but Richie was never nervous. He said that he actually liked having his cavities filled! He had to have a shot of Novocaine, and he didn’t even know it!” – The Guerriero Family