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Ehrenman & Khan Pediatric Dentistry

General & Preventive Dentistry

We believe in preventive dentistry to keep young smiles in their strongest natural shape. This starts when their very first tooth appears. That’s why we encourage all parents to begin their children’s dental visits at an early age. Beginning dental visits early is the key to pediatric oral health – and oral health for life! It helps us recognize and intercept potential problems before they become serious and/or require costly corrective procedures. Even better, it can set the tone for a comfortable, relaxed relationship with dentistry so that fear does not get in the way of future dental care.

Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry

Usually, when people think of childhood dental care, they think of cleanings and simple hygiene. They may even throw braces into the mix. But when it comes to children’s teeth, most people don’t think of cosmetic or restorative care as a necessity. The truth is many children and young adults need care that goes beyond the basics for both health and an appearance that doesn’t make them feel self-conscious.

Sedation Dentistry

We understand that children can often feel frightened by the sounds, sensations and smells associated with dentistry. We try to avoid the development of dental anxieties by providing a truly wonderful, child-friendly atmosphere with a staff that knows kids and treats them gently and with compassion. But some children and people with special needs still have a difficult time with their dentistry. We can help!


As your child grows and permanent teeth come in, it is important to examine his or her smile. If your child’s teeth don’t come together smoothly, or if any of his or her teeth are not lined up properly, orthodontic treatment may be needed.


Life happens. Children get hit in the mouth with flying balls, fall down on playgrounds, and slip on patches of ice. If your child experiences a dental emergency – do not wait. Call us immediately, no matter what time of day, so that we can assess the situation and get your child care as soon as possible.

I have a 2 year old who fell teeth-first into the pavement and was bleeding a bit from her gums. I cold called a few dentists bc my pediatrician couldn’t help and suggested I go to the ER if my daughter needed medical attention. Dr. Ehrenman responded to my message in maybe 15 min and had me send pictures of my daughter’s mouth via text. From the pictures he was able to tell me the ER was not necessary and later had my daughter in for an x-ray, which went surprisingly well with her squirming and wailing. The staff is lovely and the office is easy to contact. They have toys on hand to distract the little ones and even have a tv for them to watch while they are in the chair. I visited the office again today to have my daughter’s teeth cleaned and again had a lovely experience.

~ Kerry P.