Catering to Special Needs Children and Adults

Tender Care for Long Island Families

We have a special place in our hearts for special needs children. We not only find it rewarding, we know that they need and deserve care that is tailored to meet their unique needs. They are sometimes on medications or special diets that could be detrimental to their oral health, or they have physical difficulty maintaining effective oral health habits at home. This makes them extremely susceptible to dental disease or oral injury.

Our doctors will propose treatment based on the specific dental and emotional needs of your special child. Your child will also benefit from the preventive approach recommended for all children – effective brushing and flossing, diet counseling, adequate fluoride, and regular professional cleanings.

Treatment Plans for Special Kids and Their Families

We know you are concerned about the long-term as well as the short-term health of your child’s teeth. That’s why we will be happy to design a preventive care and treatment plan for your child so that he or she may enjoy a lifetime of good dental health.

What Makes Us Different

Training: Our doctors have completed two years of specialty training in providing care for children with special needs and comprehensive education in behavior management, sedation and hospital dentistry. Because of our doctors’ gentle touch and clinical expertise, they are often the clinicians of choice for the dental care of children and adults with special needs in the Long Island area.

Sedation and Hospital Dentistry: Some children need more support to feel comfortable during dental treatment. That’s when sedation or hospital dentistry may benefit your child. Performed in an operating room at NYU Winthrop Hospital, Stony Brook University Hospital, and Northwell Health-Syosset Hospital or the familiar surroundings of our office, your child will be asleep under general anesthesia. This allows us to perform any dentistry under ideal circumstances, on an out-patient, ambulatory basis.

We work closely with parents and families to help special needs children stay healthy and smile for life! Call to tour our office or meet with Dr. Ehrenman or Dr. Khan today!

The Krause Family“We have been going to see Ehrenman and Khan for two years. When I discovered that Dr. Glen worked with special needs kids, I knew I wanted him to be our pediatric dentist. The difference between Dr. Glen and other dentists was night and day. Before, Lexy had to be held down and Robin couldn’t do it anymore. We went to Dr. Glen and he said. “Oh no, you’re not going to hold her.” It was amazing. Now she just relaxes and sits in the chair. The biggest thing is Dr. Glen’s patience. Lexy senses that patience even though she can’t speak. She’s never had any pain – the whole procedure was spot on. They told us what was going to happen and that is exactly what did happen. To me, that is very important. Everyone here treats you like family. There is no resistance in going anymore!” – The Krause Family