5 Ways to Overcome a Child’s Dental Fear
added on: October 31, 2017
little girl scared in dental chair

There are many things at a dental office that may be scary for your child. Between the bright lights, the gloved hands, the masked face, not to mention someone he may not know well poking around his mouth, it’s understandable. But what can you do to help him overcome his… Read More…

Top 7 Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats
added on: October 10, 2017
kids in halloween costumes

October isn’t only when we celebrate Halloween, it’s also National Orthodontic Month. With this in mind, the team at our pediatric dental office in Long Island thought it’d be a great time to combine the two and talk a bit about which Halloween treats are safe for those with braces…. Read More…

Does a Cavity in a Baby Tooth Really Need a Filling?
added on: September 27, 2017
baby brushing teeth

No parent wants to hear that their child has a cavity in one of his baby teeth. And they may be surprised that their pediatric dentist in Long Island is recommending a filling. After all, if baby teeth are only going to fall out, is a filling really necessary? Our… Read More…

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How Can I Help My Teenager Keep a Healthy Smile?
added on: September 19, 2017
teen with headphones

As kids grow up they start to become more independent. They need less help from mom or dad with homework, laundry, and other everyday activities. Usually they’re pretty great at taking on these responsibilities with little to no trouble or risk of consequences. But when it comes to their oral… Read More…

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It’s Back to School Time! Remember to See Your Pediatric Dentist.
added on: August 27, 2017
young child looking at book

As we all gear up to head back to school, loading up on folders, notebooks, pencils, and backpacks, the team at our pediatric dental office in Long Island wants to send a friendly reminder to our patients and neighbors about the importance of getting your child to the dentist before… Read More…

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10 Fun Facts About the Tooth Fairy
added on: August 22, 2017
Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

Every year, the Tooth Fairy gets a day dedicated all to herself. In fact, she’s so great at her job, she gets two days of celebration, once on August 22 and once on February 28. At our pediatric dental office in Long Island, the legend of the Tooth Fairy is… Read More…

What’s Occlusion and Should You be Worried About it?
added on: July 31, 2017
little girl high-fiving dentist in dental chair

You may have heard us talk about your child’s occlusion at her visits to our pediatric dental office in Long Island. Or perhaps your dentist has mentioned your own occlusion at your regular appointments. But what exactly are we talking about when we speak about occlusion? Is it something you… Read More…

Difference Between Kids Toothpaste and Adult Toothpaste
added on: July 13, 2017
woman and little girl brushing teeth in mirror

When it comes to choosing the right toothpaste, the number of options can be intimidating. There are various flavors, different formulas for different needs, and even some labeled specifically for kids. But is there really a difference between kids toothpaste and adult toothpaste besides the fun colors and characters on… Read More…

Dental Sealants for Kids: Cavity Prevention and Protection
added on: June 29, 2017
girl smiling in dental chair

Did you know that teeth have deep crevices and grooves that are extremely susceptible to cavities and decay? This is especially true for kids. As a matter of fact, the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) estimates that a whopping 9 out of 10 cavities in school-aged kids form in… Read More…

Pros and Cons of Bottled Water: Is it Good For Your Child?
added on: June 22, 2017
bottles of water

These days you can’t go very far without seeing bottled water, whether you’re scanning the aisles at your favorite supermarket, cheering on your kids at their latest sporting event, or perhaps packing for a trip to your favorite vacation destination. Our pediatric dental office in Long Island wants you and… Read More…

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