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Remembering Dr. Hirsch

added on: March 22, 2022
Dr. Norman Hirsch

Remembering one of our beloved founders, Dr. Norman Hirsch.


Here at Ehrenman & Khan Pediatric Dentistry, we are deeply saddened to mark the passing of Dr. Norman Hirsch, one of our founders, on January 12, 2022.
Dr. Hirsch, together with Dr. Stephen Hall, opened our doors in 1969. As one of the only pediatric dental practices on Long Island, he treated patients from Manhattan to the Hamptons. In practice, Dr. Hirsch was a pioneer and a leader, following the scientific advancements and applying them with a very human touch. This was most evident with our special needs patients- treating the person with respect and kindness before treating their teeth. This was a revolutionary approach for the 60s, and in many ways he defined the current standard of care for children and special needs patients.
Before his retirement, he treated three generations of Long Islanders!
To us, he was so much more. Dr. Ehrenman and I know that we are fortunate to have begun, as newly-minted pediatric dentists, with Dr. Norman Hirsch. We were guided and shaped by him. We were not just Associates, we were Dr. Hirsch’s professional children. He set a high standard for us and helped us grow into the professionals we are today. We were never just part of his business, we were part of his legacy.
Dr. Hirsch has always been a presence for us in the practice, even after retirement. We spoke regularly in great detail. Whether we discussed our challenges or accomplishments, Dr. Hirsch’s words of encouragement and counsel told us he was with us for every high and low. Dr. Hirsch was our founder, mentor, leader, cheerleader, critic, and counsellor.
Most importantly, Norman was our friend. We miss his voice, the mirthful gleam in his eyes, and his presence, but he is imprinted on our DNA and will forever be a part of us and this practice.
Glen Ehrenman, DDS
Mahnaz Khan, DDS
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