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Halloween Delights

added on: October 15, 2012

Every year Halloween brings excitement for the kids- their little faces light up at the thought of their costumes and of course, CANDY!!! Let’s face it, as parents we revel in our children’s simple joy and want them to have a great Halloween. Parents, take heart. By taking a few precautions, the kids can enjoy Halloween and parents can have a “scare-free” checkup.

Not all candy is created equal. A chocolate bar is a better choice than sticky candies like taffies, caramels, gummy candies, etc. These stay on your teeth and prolong exposure to harmful sugars. Sticky candies should be completely avoided in children with braces, fillings, retainers, etc. as they can damage dental work and appliances. Hard candies like jaw breakers, lollipops, etc. should also be avoided. These dissolve very slowly, coating all the teeth with sugar, and they can also chip teeth and be a choking hazard.

And remember, no matter what the treat, moderation and proper oral care is the key to keeping those cavities at bay. Make sure your child brushes with fluoride toothpaste and flosses every day.