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Grin-Friendly Lunchbox Goodies

added on: September 24, 2014
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As we get back into the school routine, we’re starting to think more about back-to-school clothes, school supplies, and preparing lunches. Taking time to think about the foods you pack into your kids’ lunchboxes can be really important, not only for their overall health, but for their smiles as well. At our pediatric dental office in Long Island, we’ve got yummy, grin-friendly lunch and snack suggestions.

Toss the Troublemakers; Add the Good Stuff

Most of the troublemakers we’re referring to are sweet foods like dried fruit, candy, and gummies. These snacks can be really bad for smiles because they’re not only high in sugar, they’re also really sticky. Sticky foods tend to linger around in the nooks and crannies of teeth for a long time, making them more susceptible to cavities. Instead of these chewy, gooey options, pack something like fresh fruit or a bit of dark chocolate.

Decide on Drinks

We all know that soda and sports drinks are bad for teeth. But what’s not as well known is that some fruit juices can also cause serious smile-damage. Juices can be high in sugar as well as acid – a combination that does not bode well for the strength of teeth. When deciding on what you pack to wash down your kid’s lunch, consider water as it’s not only free of sugar, it can also help rinse away any food particles.

Pack the Helpers

Some foods are really good for your teeth and help keep them clean and healthy. Yogurt and cheese, for example, can decrease the acidity of other foods and make them less harmful to smiles. Crunchy fruits and veggies are also great choices as they can actually scrub teeth to remove some dangerous bacteria and lingering sugars. Adding some of these options to the lunchbox can keep your child’s pearly whites in tip-top shape.

When it comes time to pack your kids’ lunches this year, an easy rule to follow is to always think less sticky, less sweet; more crunchy, more water. It’s also helpful to make sure that lunches are full of color, as a lot of color usually means a lot of fruits, veggies, and cheese. While providing a diet that’s grin-friendly is definitely important, making sure that you keep up with your child’s regular appointments at our Long Island pediatric dental office is also crucial to ensuring the healthiest smile possible.

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