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“Does My Child Need a Pediatric Dentist?”

added on: November 18, 2015
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There are many different types of dentists — General Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists, Pediatric Dentists — and they all have the specific training necessary to treat different types of patients. When it comes to dental care for your child, does he really need a pediatric dentist, or will your general family dentist be all right? At our Long Island pediatric dental office, we’d like to compare the two so you can make the best decision for you and your little one.

What Makes a Pediatric Dentist a Pediatric Dentist?

Like any type of dentist, pediatric dentists go through the required four years of dental school. But they don’t stop there. They complete an additional two or three year residency specifically designed to educate them on dental care for infants, toddlers, children, teens, and even those with special needs. This is the minimum amount of training required to become a pediatric dentist, but our doctors have never stopped learning and continue to advance their education each and every year.

Pediatric Dentist vs. General Dentist: Which is Right for Your Child?

It’s extremely common for parents to take their child to the family dentist, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, while a pediatric dentist may not necessarily provide better care, she may be a better choice for you and your child.

In addition to their expanded education in the areas of children’s dental care, pediatric dentists also receive training on child psychology, growth and development, and learn the gentle ways to treat and examine kids. They have techniques to keep their tiniest patients calm and comfortable, and understand how emotions can influence behavior.

The actual office itself is also something to take into consideration. Often designed with kids in mind, pediatric dental offices strive to keep kids relaxed and can even make going to the dentist fun, and that’s important. Starting your child off with a positive dental experience can directly impact their oral health now and for years to come. If going to the dentist is a joy, your child is more likely to get the care he needs regularly and into adulthood. If a visit is frightening or not catered to him and his needs, there’s a chance he could develop a fear of the dentist and neglect his oral health in the future.

If you’d like to experience care by a pediatric dentist, give our pediatric dental office in Long Island a call. Our entire staff loves kids and are trained to work with even the youngest patient. We also welcome patients with special needs with open arms and have years of experience working with these extra special smiles. Come experience the difference, give us a call today.

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