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Defeating Dental Fear with Sedation Dentistry

added on: October 24, 2016
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When it comes to your little one and dental anxiety, our pediatric dental office in Long Island is ready to go to battle and help conquer their fears to ensure that their visit to our office is always comfortable — never scary. We know children can feel uneasy because of various sounds and sights that come with seeing the dentist. It’s always our mission to make sure kids are treated gently and with compassion.

When Sedation Wins

Our Long Island pediatric dental office knows the importance of helping little ones feel at ease. Very small patients can sometimes have a hard time sitting still during procedures that might be more time consuming and require additional precision. Sedation can help make the visit less stressful for both child and parent, creating a happier visit and a much more pleasant experience. It’s beneficial for patients with special needs too!

Sedation vs. General Anesthesia

While both sedation and general anesthesia have wonderful results at helping children receive the dental care they need, they are actually quite different in both desired effects and administration. General anesthesia is helpful when a youngster must undergo a more in-depth procedure because it relies on a sleepy, unconscious state. But dental sedation is solely intended to reduce anxiety and any addition discomfort during a visit to the dentist’s office. The effects are usually marked drowsiness that ends shortly after treatment is complete.

Safety First

Your pediatric dentist in Long Island is always here to help address your questions and concerns when it comes to helping your youngster have a positive dental experience. We always do our very best to ensure they’re comfortable and feeling safe. Please know that if, for whatever reason, sedation become necessary for your child it can be used safely and effectively following the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. It’s always a good idea to talk to your dentist about what options may work best to suit your child’s needs.

Going to see the dentist should always be a positive experience for everyone. After all, we want to see your little one smile, be happy, and look their very best. No matter what type of treatment your child needs, we never want their experience to be frightening or fearful. Please know that we are always here to help!

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