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How to Choose A Pediatric Dentist on Long Island

added on: January 16, 2014
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Choosing a pediatric dentist for your little one can seem like an overwhelming task. First there are so many dentists to choose from, and it can be difficult to know if it is best to see a family dentist or choose an office that specializes in pediatric care. Second, how in the world can you know how they will treat your child or what they do to keep him/her comfortable?

How do you decide whom to trust with something as precious as that beloved smile?

Here are a few tips:

  • Start by looking for reviews online and visiting the practice website.
  • Call the office and let them know you are looking for a dentist for your child. See how you feel about the initial greeting and how you are dealt with on the phone.
  • Ask for a consultation and office tour. Experiencing the office environment and meeting the dentists and staff will help you know right away if they are right for you. Ask about advanced or specialty training and postgraduate education.
  • Ask the doctors how they deal with frightened, struggling, or special needs children. If the way they deal with a child who struggles, such as with restraints, makes you uncomfortable, look elsewhere.
  • Ask about their x-rays and other equipment. Digital x-rays, for example, expose your child to lower radiation levels.
  • Listen to how the dentists and staff talk to children. Do they talk down to them? Do they seem at all impatient? Or are they gentle, respectful, and caring?
  • How much time does the doctor spend talking with you and your child? Does he or she spend the time to explain any recommended treatment, or show to you and explain x-rays?
  • How many doctors are in the office? Will your child be treated by the same doctor at subsequent visits?

Most importantly, remember to trust your intuition and gauge how your child reacts to the environment.

The Difference Between General Family Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry

When people ask us what makes pediatric dentistry so different, we tell them two things:
2. A dedication to kids and special needs children

Our doctors have been serving Long Island families with advanced, gentle, pediatric dentistry for over three generations. They have also completed two years of specialty training in behavior management, sedation and hospital dentistry.

Our care is not just a toned-down version of adult dentistry – every minute of our care is designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of children. Our newly remodeled office is so exciting and comfortable, children actually look forward to their visits with us. And, of course, we always keep parents completely involved so they know exactly what to expect and how to help their kids stay healthy and smiling.

If you have any questions about our Long Island pediatric dentistry, or to schedule a consultation and tour of our office, please give us a call today!