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Boom! Halloween Candies That Do Battle With Our Teeth

added on: October 21, 2019
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We know this time of year is filled with candy. Everywhere go you, every store you know has aisles of sweets and treats that are enough to tempt even the most nonexistent sweet tooth. Imagine what it’s like for little ones? They see bags and bags of sugary sweets, all calling their names as a special Halloween treat. 

Your pediatric dentist in Long Island will tell you it’s no easy feat getting kids to lay off the sticky treats this time of year. Remember, once the trick or treating and parties come to a close, try to limit the amount of sugar they’re exposing their teeth to every day (along with sodas and sports drinks).

Let’s take a look at some of your kiddos’ most favorite candies that sometimes spell bad news for small smiles!

1) Circus Peanuts (i.e., Sticky Candy)

We’re not sure how these so-called “nuts” became such a go-to Halloween treat, but they’re not all that sweet on your smile. These and all the other marshmallow-y candy are made up of almost all sugar. Now, your Long Island pediatric dentist knows this is what the kids want, but it really can do severe damage to their teeth, especially the enamel. The sticky film these candies leave behind can be hard to remove from teeth. Bacteria love this because it buys them more time to stick around, dine on some delicious tooth enamel, and leave behind a trail of unwanted cavities.

2) Hard Candies (i.e., Jawbreakers)

Just the name “jawbreaker” can give any dentist anxiety! How can it ever be good for your teeth? Hard candy like this comes in so many flavors and shapes, it will make your head spin. One of the things little ones love to do most when they get their hands on hard candies is to bite into it. This can lead to a cracked tooth and pain. Like sticky sweets, hard candy has no problem hanging around your teeth. That means more sugar in your mouth, leading to bad bacteria. 

3) Candy Corn (i.e., Waxy Candy)

Ok, so candy corn is probably not on the top of most go-to Halloween candy lists. Because these sweet treats contain something called confectioner’s wax, they’re bad for your teeth. This waxy sugar is good at sticking to teeth and making it more difficult for saliva to break it down due to its texture. It could make existing decay grow worse, and no one wants that!

4) Sour Candies

Do you know those certain candies whose sole job it is to make mouths pucker? Those are the ones where it’s best if your child avoids them altogether. They’re incredibly acidic and have the power to attack and break down enamel reasonably quickly, especially on teeth that are still developing. Saliva is a good defense against these treats, helping to restore a more natural balance of acid levels in our mouths.

At our pediatric dental office in Long Island, we know how challenging it can be to keep sweets away from your kids, especially during Halloween and the holidays. It’s important to remember to do everything in moderation, especially when it comes time to enjoy their Halloween treats. Make sure they’re always brushing twice daily for two minutes and flossing to keep their smiles free from decay and cavities. 

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