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All You Need to Know About Orthodontics for Your Child

added on: June 17, 2015
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At our pediatric dental office in Long Island, we’re honored to take care of your child’s smile. From regular cleanings, sealants, and emergency care, we’re here to ensure a healthy, growing grin. As your child celebrates more birthdays, he will start to lose baby teeth and permanent ones will pop through. When this happens, we start checking to make sure they’re lined up properly. If they aren’t, we may recommend orthodontics. But don’t worry, you don’t need to leave the dental home you know, because we do orthodontics too!

Straight Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

Having a set of straight teeth can directly affect dental health and mental health. Straighter teeth boost confidence. They’re also easier to clean, making your child less susceptible to decay or cavities. Uneven or crooked teeth contribute to a whole host of concerns, some of which can be painful.

Orthodontic issues may lead to advanced oral health problems as well as whole-body concerns. A smile with uneven teeth can make breathing difficult and could eventually lead to sleep apnea, which is a serious problem — sometimes, sleep apnea sufferers actually stop breathing at night. This alone has been linked to consistent sleepiness and poor concentration at school. Additionally, a misaligned smile may make chewing difficult, contribute to digestive problems, gum disease, and even diminish bone density in the jaw.

Straight Teeth May Still Need Orthodontics

The main goal of orthodontics is usually to create a symmetrical, straight smile. However, there are times when a visibly straight grin still needs orthodontics. Why? The bite, or the way the teeth come together, may be off. This is known as malocclusion and, if left untreated, could result in pain and long-term complications. It’s best to get an evaluation from a dentist you trust so any potential problems are caught and treated before they have a chance to turn into large issues including:

  • Increased risk for chipped teeth
  • Speech impairment
  • Severe headaches

If you’re unsure whether your child is ready or in need of orthodontics, give our Long Island pediatric dental office a call. We’re specially trained to treat our most special smiles and will work with both you and your child to determine the best plan to create the ultimate straight smile.

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