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Pediatric Dental Fillings

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Ehrenman & Khan Pediatric Dentistry

No one likes finding out that their children have tooth decay or a cavity – kids don’t like it either! We have great news: Drs. Ehrenman and Khan can repair and restore your child’s teeth safely and comfortably.

When to Repair a Cavity

It is very important that cavities be repaired while they are still small – this allows for much less drilling and saves more of your child’s tooth structure. It is also one of the reasons we so strongly recommend routine dental visits.

What Filling Materials do You Use?

We offer both silver amalgam fillings and tooth-colored composite fillings for the repair of young teeth. Which filling we choose depends largely on the location and size of the cavity, but you will always be consulted with and informed about treatment. Silver amalgam fillings are more durable and are best for fillings between baby teeth or patients who grind. Composite fillings look more like the natural tooth and are a great choice for cavity repair that could potentially affect the appearance of your child’s smile.

No matter which repair methods and materials we choose, you can be sure that we will communicate with you every step of the way – starting before any treatment is performed. Because you are part of your child’s healthcare team, we work TOGETHER with you to do what is in the best interest of your child.