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Everyone seems to be flashing a whiter, brighter smile these days… and not just celebrities! Now, many of our young patients have been expressing an interest in bleaching their teeth as well.

Stains or darkening from medication, braces, or food and drink can make young people especially self-conscious and keep them from smiling as openly as they would like. But a white smile is a real confidence builder.

Who Can Have Professional Tooth Whitening?

While we don’t recommend bleaching for baby teeth or while the child’s teeth are erupting and developing, we can whiten the teeth of teens and young adults who have all their permanent teeth quite effectively.

Sometimes our orthodontic patients discover that their teeth have discolored while they were wearing braces and a tooth whitening treatment can help reverse discoloration and enhance the feeling of accomplishment after the braces come off.

What Type of Whitening Do You Offer?

In office whitening usually causes too much tooth sensitivity for our young patients, so we offer whitening trays to be used at home. Custom trays are made from molds taken of your child’s mouth, so they are comfortable and secure. All you do is add the prescription-strength bleaching gel and place them over the teeth. We also offer the Tres-White system, which includes convenient prefilled trays for home use. Ask your doctor or hygienist how you can have a whiter smile in about one week!