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Though we refer all root canals on permanent teeth to one of our trusted endodontists, we routinely perform root canals on baby teeth. We find that root canals are most often needed for traumatized teeth or severely decayed teeth where the nerve is infected

A root canal can stabilize and save teeth by removing infection from the pulp or the tissue inside the tooth’s roots. Pain is usually the primary indicator that decay and infection have moved into the root and pulp of your child’s tooth.

Why Perform a Root Canal on a Baby Tooth Instead of Pulling it?

Depending on your child’s age, it is very probable that he or she will not lose the affected tooth naturally for a few more years. Since there is no adult tooth to grow into the empty space, a space maintainer would have to be used to keep the space open. If the space is not maintained, teeth will shift and this could cause all kinds of problems from permanent tooth eruption difficulties to bite problems and TMJ pain.

If your child is experiencing a toothache, especially if it’s constant and throbbing, please give us a call. He or she may have damage or an infection that requires a root canal.