We Love Our Long Island Patients

…and They Certainly Love Us!

Read what our happy patients are saying about us!

The Buonomo Family

Caitlin Buonomo needed fillings in her baby teeth and her mother was nervous about how she would handle treatment. Caitlin was given both Nitrous Oxide and a local anesthetic to help ease her through the placement of her fillings. Afterwards, Caitlin couldn’t wait to come back for her next visit. Her mom was simply blown away!

“I had been a patient here – for 35 years – and I didn’t want to let go! Once I started having children of my own, I realized that maybe I shouldn’t go to a pediatric dental office anymore but my kids can experience the same wonderful care I did. You can’t match this atmosphere and level of care, and I can’t imagine them going anywhere else.

“Everything is so colorful and relaxed – the kids can watch cartoons on the TV during procedures and be totally distracted and that makes the process so easy, things are explained in kid friendly terms. Dr. Khan made us all relax – even me, the nervous mom! From the minute you walk in and are greeted with a friendly hello, to the moment you leave, it is always a pleasant experience. I can always be with my kids, my questions are always answered and everyone is super friendly. My kids absolutely love coming here and that makes all the difference.”

The Williger Family

The Williger FamilyThe Williger family is a military family relocated from Rhode Island to East Meadow, NY. Their daughter Audrey was seen by Dr. Glen for restorations unfinished by their previous dentist in Rhode Island. During the clinical exam, extensive caries and a breakdown in previous restorations was discovered. Audrey had such a traumatic experience with their previous dentist that she needed to be sedated to complete the major work needed. Now, Audrey and her sister happily come in for their regular check-ups and cleanings with no fear. They are excited to see us!

“We were referred to Ehrenman and Khan about a year ago. Audrey had been very shy and nervous about dentists so I chose a pediatric dentist to make it easier on her. Here at Ehrenman and Khan, they are never rushed and they really take the time to make both girls feel comfortable. They actually like coming for their dental work. That’s surprising, because Audrey had to have everything in her mouth restored. Ehrenman and Khan offered her sedation because she was so nervous and needed so much work that we realized that it was just easier to have it all done it once. She actually ended up needing five root canals that day and was under for almost three hours. Audrey had no trauma – in fact, she has no memory of it.”

Even Audrey gushes about her experience here; “My dentistry took like a second! Before, when I had fillings, it really bothered my cheeks. Now it doesn’t bother my cheeks at all! I like the video games they let us play and the toys. Also, Dr. Glen talks to us. Sometimes when he brushes our teeth he lets us pick our flavor. I really like it here.”

The Guerriero Family

The Guerriero family started coming to us in May of 2007. We initially saw Richard for trauma associated with his front incisors when he was just a little over a year. We helped him acclimate to our office at an early age and he has been a great patient ever since. He recently needed four quadrants of restorative dentistry and he was an excellent patient!

“Everything here is immaculate and everyone is so fun and friendly. All of it makes me feel at ease about putting my child in their care. I am never worried at all. It is important for me to be at their sides during dental treatment so that the doctors can explain to me everything in detail. I was nervous because Richie had cavities and a lot of them– but Richie was never nervous. He said that he actually liked having his cavities filled! He had to have a shot of Novocain and he didn’t even know it!

“Everything about this dental office is great – you can’t beat it! It is everything a parent wants. We never worry about what they are experiencing and then it is fun! I wish Dr. Glen could be my dentist!”

And Richie had his own words of praise for his doctor: “Dr. Glen is so cool! He is so cool because he is so awesome.”


Cyrus has Down’s syndrome and was very nervous and anxious about his visits when he started with us at age eight. He needed a full mouth rehabilitation and we treated him under general anesthesia in the hospital. Today, Cyrus sits in the dental chair like any other patient and has fillings done with local anesthetic. He is never nervous about coming to see us for work. Through exposure to care and conditioning, he has become an excellent dental patient.

“I was looking for someone who specialized in pediatrics because Cyrus was very apprehensive about any doctor. It is very important that the doctors understand my child and his needs – if he is not comfortable, then he won’t sit for any treatment. I need not have worried once I found Ehrenman and Khan. When Cyrus is with them, he is very comfortable. Now he is at the point where he can just sit in the chair and have the work done – he had a filling and did very well. He loves the toy box and he loves the TV – such a good idea to have the TV right above the chair to distract kids!

Everyone here is extremely friendly, personable and knowledgeable – they never even forget your name! Plus the office has such an excellent design. Everything is just right and designed to put kids – and their parents at ease.”

Cyrus says, “I like the toys, the basketball and cars and pictures. I see Dr. Khan and she makes me laugh.”

The Hollins Family

We started seeing the Hollins family in 2003 when Myles came in due to trauma to his front incisors. His brother Marcus has been a patient since 2009. Both boys are excellent patients.

“Myles was a baby when he fell in a park. I took him right to Ehrenman and Khan to make sure his tooth was ok and the root wasn’t injured. The tooth was fine, thankfully but that started our great experience with the practice. When my kids started coming, they never cried. Everyone here made us so comfortable. The doctors and the girls and I always have a conversation about our lives, where to go on vacation – just anything and I am always in the room with the kids. It all just makes us feel relaxed. Everything is wide out in the open. The kids can see the other kids getting their treatments so it is less intimidating. Ehrenman and Khan take the fear out of dentistry! I wish they did adult teeth.”

Myles: “It is really fun. You can do anything there – play the Wii or other video games. I like that Dr. Glen cleans your teeth for you and you can pick stickers and toothbrushes and all the other stuff like toys. We see Dr. Glen, but everyone is pretty nice and they tell us what to eat that is good for our teeth.”

Marcus: “There are a lot of games and I walk straight to them to play them. They ask you what color or flavor you want – peppermint is my favorite. I like it here!”


Dr. Glen saw Marie, another one of our special needs patients, for the first time in 1998, though she had been coming to the practice since 1995 to see Dr. Hirsch. She had a hard time with her routine cleanings but she became more and more relaxed as we worked with her. In 2007, she began orthodontic treatments at a local orthodontist’s office – the desensitization process worked!

“This practice was referred to us by ACDS. When Marie was three, we used to have to sit on her to hold her for even the most routine cleanings and care. It was so hard but the doctors reassured us that she would learn to trust the process before long. Dr. Hirsch said, “Give her a couple of years and she will be fine.” It was true. Now she isn’t nervous at all. She is fine with x-rays and getting her teeth cleaned. Everyone is very helpful. The doctors are great. They treat Marie like a princess! We would refer anyone to their practice.”

Marie has her own thoughts about her experiences with us as well: “I like the red bubblegum flavors and the TV games. I love to dance and I love to brush my teeth. I call Dr. Glen Your Highness. I get toys and stickers and I get one for my sister.”

The Krause Family

Lexy Krause is one of our wonderful special needs patients. She is nonverbal, had a negative experience at another office, and was very frightened about her dental care. We have used IV sedation to treat all of Lexy’s major dental work and she has done very well.

Lexy’s sister, Trista, came to us with anxiety about her dentistry as well. With care and gentleness, she has improved very nicely over the years. We have had to extract some primary teeth and she recently wore a removable retainer to correct a crossbite.

“We have been going to see Ehrenman and Khan for two years. When I discovered that Dr. Glen worked with special needs kids, I knew I wanted him to be our pediatric dentist. The difference between Dr. Glen and other dentists was night and day. Before, Lexy had to be held down and Robin couldn’t do it anymore. We went to Dr. Glen and he said. “Oh no, you’re not going to hold her.” It was amazing. Now she just relaxes and sits in the chair. The biggest thing is Dr. Glen’s patience. Lexy senses that patience even though she can’t speak. She’s never had any pain – the whole procedure was spot on. They told us what was going to happen and that is exactly what did happen. To me, that is very important. Everyone here treats you like family. There is no resistance in going anymore! I wish this could be MY dental practice!”

And Trista Says: “I like going here because I get to see Dr. Glen, my favorite dentist.”


This family travels all the way from Brooklyn to receive care from us. The children have not needed any restorative treatment. The kids are always excited to come to the office and don’t want to leave when they are done! They hang around brushing the puppet’s teeth and picking prizes from the toy box. They love it!

“We have been going to Ehrenman and Khan for four years. We actually drive an hour to get here because we love it so much. The office environment is great and it is very open so I can see my kids being treated all at once! Dr. Khan makes us feel very comfortable. Even if we are running late, they understand that we have a young family and they are always very patient.”

The kids have plenty to say as well: “We like to get our teeth checked. I like that Dr. Khan counts our teeth. I like the big dragons because you can brush their teeth and I like the Mario video games. We love their toys!”