Baby’s First Dental Visit

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Isn’t it just amazing to see your newborn smile for the first time? The room just seems to light up with joy, and time after time, we feel overcome with how precious they are. We think baby smiles are one of the greatest things ever – that’s why keeping them safe and healthy is such… Read more »

Say Cheese

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Recent studies show that snacking on cheese may be beneficial for your child’s teeth. The calcium and phosphorous found in Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack, and Mozzarella cheeses help to minimize the reduction in plaque pH levels AND aid in the process of enamel re-mineralization!

Dental Trauma

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Approximately 30% of all children will experience a dental injury before adulthood. Common injuries include teeth being knocked out, fractured, forced out of position, pushed up, or loosened. Root fractures, dental bone fractures, as well as, injury to the gums, lips, or tongue can also occur. Children are most prone to experience trauma to baby… Read more »